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The Hyman family has been involved in the valuation, asset management and disposal profession
since 1962, with Ian Hyman establishing Hymans Asset Management in 1984. Hymans is
committed to achieving the most effective outcome from the valuation, management, renewal and
disposal of client assets.

As a wholly Australian-owned and managed organisation, Hymans is a recognised expert in the
following key areas:

  • Valuations of plant & equipment for all purposes
  • Valuations of residential, commercial, industrial land and buildings for all purposes
  • Business Valuations for all purposes
  • Insolvency based valuations and asset sales
  • Fixed asset management and advice including software, barcoding and OH&S Services
  • Corporate and government reporting, business sales, mergers and acquisitions.

Hymans Asset Management will list, audit, assess, value and dispose of hundreds of thousands of assets each year through their valuation and sales divisions.

The long list of Hymans clients include major insolvency practices, banking and financial institutions, government departments and semi-government agencies, plus many of Australia’s top 500 companies. Click here to read customer testimonials or contact us today to discuss your specific valuation or asset management and disposal requirements.

The Hyman’s success is a result of a strict adherence of all staff to a set of core customer values.

These core values are encapsulated in the following principles:

  • To act with integrity at all times
  • To respond instantly to client needs
  • To understand the needs of our clients
  • To always give unbiased and objective advice
  • To provide total project management
  • To ensure all people and systems are focused on total quality performance
  • To make Directors available whenever required by our clients.

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