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Working in the communications sector, Mark Sefton (Engineer) understood the importance of managing assets on a large scale that are an integral part of a company’s efficient operation and balance sheet. Realising inefficient practices, poor maintenance, cumbersome reporting and changes in management responsibility, Mark teamed up with Peter McKeown (Software Developer) to find a simple and efficient solution by developing a process to manage assets through their company AUDICAS.

Since inception in 2012, AUDICAS has engineered Asset Management solutions for companies such as Ericsson, Broadcast Australia, Motorola Solutions and Yarra Trams who have utilised AUDICAS, allowing onsite reporting, eliminating duplication, and significantly reducing their overall documentation costs.

AUDICAS uses your existing reporting templates and moves your whole asset audit and maintenance system onto your mobile device such as an iPad. Your field technicians can take photos, redline mark-up drawings, pin photos to drawings, tick checklists and enter text from one device. Data is uploaded to the AUDICAS administration website back to your office in real-time for verification and reporting.

AUDICAS is a flexible system providing instant information and control for Management review. AUDICAS can create audit forms, use existing Word and Excel reports as templates, pre-populate audits or inspections, auto-name photos, and much more.

AUDICAS supports business with an interest to significantly reduce asset auditing costs using their efficient system removing the need for paper forms, drawings, laptops, and external cameras.

For more information on their asset auditing solution please contact Mark Sefton at the contact details to the side or visit the AUDICAS website.

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Mark Sefton
T +61 (0) 417 544616

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