Expressions of Interest - Complete Bio-Diesel Plant - 400L per Batch

Expressions of Interest Sought by 3pm Tuesday 26th September 2017


Hymans is seeking expressions of interest in the sale of a bio-diesel plant capable of 400L per batch. This unit had a landed cost of $180,000 and has seen minimal use in the production of bio-diesel from mustard seed. Manufactured by Asia Bio Fuel Tech, it comprises a sodium methoxide mixing unit, magnesol washing unit, 2 x pot polishing units, electric atex drum, 2 x transfer pumps, polishing filters, hydrometer, filter socks, and a bio-diesel dispensing unit. Please complete the form below to submit questions or to submit an offer.

Inspection Details

Inspection: By Appointment Only

Inspection Location: Narrabri NSW

EOI Details

EOI Closing Date: 3pm Tuesday 26th September 2017

Asset Location: Narrabri NSW

Hymans Contact

Patrick Symons NSW General Manager  02 8270 4471  0416 151 506

Further Info

Under Instruction From: Restructuring Solutions In the Matter of: Australian Agricultural Technologies Limited Enquiries: Patrick Symons 0416 151 506

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Expression of Interest Form

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